category rules

Pole Theatre consists of 4 categories. There will be 4 competitors in each category. Applicants may select more than one category to enter. Applicants must select one of the following categories to enter per entry, and pay an entry fee for each entry:

Pole Art

The category of Pole Art is for performances incorporating another dance style (e.g. lyrical, contemporary, commerical, latin, ballet, etc.) to create a performance that is artistic in style. Competitors shall submit a theme, and will be judged on how effectively they interpret their theme through their chosen dance style. Competitors will be judged on artistry, musicality, and flow. Competitors are expected to create a performance that demonstrates an artistic interpretation of their theme through movement, dance, and music on the pole.


Failure to incorporate another style of dance will result in an immediate 5 point deduction.

Pole Drama

The category of Pole Drama is for performances that tell a story. Competitors will be expected to build a clear storyline in their performance. The story must be clear. It is not enough to choose a theme or a motif. The story must have a premise, development, and conclusion.

For example, stating "My story will be about love and loss" will not be sufficient. A better entry would be more explicit in describing the storyline, for example: "My story will be about a young woman who is in love with someone who doesn't love her back. She attempts to reach that person physically and emotionally, but they remain untouchable in spite of her efforts. Ultimately, she realizes she must accept rejection and, in doing so, she learns that she must face her own demons to be able to move forward and find happiness. My story will finish when she steps forward out of the darkness and into the light, representing that she is resolved to move forward and be strong on her own."

In the above second description, the storyline is clear and the judges will be able to see if the competitor has effectively conveyed their message to the audience. 


Failure to have a clear storyline will result in a low or zero point scoring in the "storyline development" category (worth 10 points).

Pole Comedy

The category of Pole Comedy is for performances that incorporate humorous and comedic elements. Competitors will be judged on how well they entertain and engage the audience.

Pole Classique

The category of Pole Classique is for performances that celebrate the beauty and art of the sexy or sensual style of pole dance and striptease. Competitors must wear heels for at least part of their performance (minimum 1 minute). Competitors are required to remove at least one item of their costume in this category.

Failure to wear heels or failure to remove a costume item will result in an immediate deduction of 5 points per violation (maximum possible deduction is 10 points in total if competitor does not comply with these requirements).

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